Road Riot Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Tango account?

To save your game progress and play Road Riot with your Tango friends. If Road Riot is uninstalled, you'll be able to regain your Road Riot progress.


Why does the game need to be connected to a network connection?

Being connected to a network connection allows you to share your score with your Tango friends that have Road Riot. You'll also be able to send invites and brag your score to your Tango friends.


Who are the 3 people showing up in my leaderboard with scores?

These are game competitors to compete against.


How do I get more keys?

You can wait for your keys to be replenished or you can earn more keys by sending brags or receiving keys from your Tango friends.


Why should I send gifts to Tango friends?

Gifts allow your Tango friends to receive keys without having to wait for keys to be replenished.


How do I earn coins?

You collect coins as you are playing Road Riot. You can earn free coins by sending invites to your Tango friends or purchase coins using your gems. 


How do I level up?

After playing a game, your total points add to your level bar. Leveling up will increase your bonus score and reward you with gifts.


What do I get by upgrading my pickups?

Every time you upgrade a pickup, it will last longer during game play.


What is the benefit of purchasing gems?

You can use gems to buy coins and keys, unlock special weapons for your car, and unlock new cars. You can also use gems to revive your car if you crash in Road Riot. 


What are Double coins?

Double coins allow you to double your coin pickups.


What is a Multiplier?

The multiplier allows you to double your score by as much as the multiplier shows.


What does the Magnet pickup do?

Pulls in items like boost, double bullets, multipliers, and coins to your car without having to get close to them.


What is Double Firepower?

Doubles the amount of bullets you shoot at once which helps blow up cars twice as fast.


What is Armor?

Armor not only makes your car look cool, but it allows you to take more damage to your vehicle without blowing up.


What is a Daily Challenge?­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Each time you play Road Riot a helicopter will appear and you'll need to shoot it down and collect the stars it drops. If you complete the Daily Challenge, Road Riot will gift you for each day you play the game and complete the Daily Challenge.


I’m stuck on a mission. What do I do?

You can skip a mission by paying with coins.


How do I unlock cars?

Cars can be unlocked when you reach the required level. Scroll down to the car you would like to unlock and it will show the level required to unlock the car.


What are the differences between cars?

Each car has a special ability:

  • The first car has a turret gun.
  • The second car has light armor and a magnet turret.
  • The third car has medium armor and missile launchers.
  • The fourth car has light armor and a laser turret.
  • The fifth car has heavy armor and a mega cannon.
  • The sixth car has medium armor and forward cannons.
  • The seventh car has light armor and a stronger magnet turret.
  • The eighth car has medium armor and stronger missile launchers.


What are the different reminders in the Road Riot options for?

The three notification reminders will allow Road Riot to send you push notifications:

  • Weekly Reminder lets you know when you can set a new high score for the week.
  • Daily Reminder lets you know when to get your Daily Bonus.
  • Key Reminder reminds you when your keys are replenished.






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