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I'm experiencing audio issues while in a Tango call

Tango Support
posted this on January 25, 2011, 19:42

If you're having audio problems while in a Tango call, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Make sure you and your friend are running the latest version of Tango. Update Tango now!
  2. Check that you have your volume correctly set while in a Tango call and your friend has not accidentally muted their end of the call.
  3. If the audio is choppy, ensure that you and your call partner have a good network connection.  Try Tangoing when both sides are on the cellular network (mobile users) and then when both sides are on Wi-Fi to see if network bandwidth is the issue.
  4. Try connecting a wired headset to both sides of the call (this should help a lot!). 
  5. Try to Tango in a quieter environment to reduce background noise.

If you are trying to Tango with another device that is physically close to your device, a feedback loop may be causing noise. If this is the case, please try moving further away from the other device.


Specific Device Tips


- Android users - for optimal audio performance lower your volume 1-3 clicks below the maximum level.

- iPod/iPad/iPhone users - if you are experiencing sudden low or no audio, try rebooting your device and ask your call partner to do the same.

- PC Users, please check out this article.


If you continue experiencing audio issues, please submit a request for further assistance with the following information:


- You and your contact's Tango registered phone number and email address.

- Types of devices you and your contact are using.

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