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(Apple) How do I add/delete contacts in my Tango Friends list

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posted this on July 22, 2013 11:41

How to add Tango friends:

  1. Launch Tango and tap on the Invite tab

  2. Tap on the + symbol

  3. Enter your friend's registered Tango phone number or email address then tap Done

     +(country code)(area code)(phone number) 

You can also add Tango friends by tapping on the Make Friends Nearby tab, tapping on their profile and sending them a friend request message. 


How to delete Tango friends:

  - Remove your friend's Tango phone number and email address from your device's address book and re-launch Tango. 

You can also invite your friends to join Tango by inviting them from the Tango 'Invite' tab. Simply open Tango, then go to the Invite tab and send invitations to your friends by either SMS or email.


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