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(Apple) How do I add/delete contacts in my Tango Friends list

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posted this on July 22, 2013 11:41

How to add Tango friends:

  1. Launch Tango and tap on the Find tab 

  2. Tap on the My Friends tab, then tap on the Add Friend+ icon

  3. Tap on the icon located in the top right hand corner

  4. Enter your friend's registered Tango phone number or email address then tap Done

     +(country code)(area code)(phone number) 

You can also add Tango friends by tapping on the People Nearby tab, tapping on their profile, then tapping on the Message icon and sending them a friend request message. 


How to delete Tango friends:

  - Remove your friend's Tango phone number and email address from your device's native address book and re-launch Tango 


  - Use the Block option 

You can also invite your contacts to join Tango. Simply launch Tango, tap on the Find tab, tap on My Friends, tap on the Add Friend+ icon, select which contacts to invite and tap on the Invite icon to send invitations to your contacts by either SMS or email.


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