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(PC) How do I add/delete Tango contacts?

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posted this on July 27, 2011, 16:34


If you are having difficulties adding friends to your Tango contact list, this article should help.



To resolve this issue, please try these steps:


 How to add contacts

1. Select Contacts tab and by clicking on the the Invite tab or the "+" button in the upper right corner.

Note: If you are also using Tango on your mobile device and have registered to the same phone number, we recommend adding contacts from your mobile phone for the best Tango experience.  They will be automatically synced to your PC's contact list.





2. Select the appropriate Country Code and enter your contact's Mobile number or email address and click Search





3. If your friend is already on Tango click Add to Contacts. (If your friend is not on Tango, you will be prompted to invite them.)







 4. You should now be able to locate your friend in your Contacts list.







Now you're ready to Tango!


How to delete contacts

We hope to add more contact management features including deleting Tango contacts in a future release.


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